Has anyone actually read the review for the NBN and it “fixed wireless” ???

Has anyone actually read the review for the NBN and it “fixed wireless” lets go get a “Sharp Stone/Blunt Stone” to cure our headaches. Check the CIR WOW a committed rate of just below 10 times good ‘ol dialup

9.2 Fixed wireless technology choices
From a technology perspective, the Review found that NBN Co has been prudent in terms of
making choices around technology, network design, and engineering, in order to meet its product
requirements. Specifically:
• TD-LTE is a standardised technology with a clear roadmap. Its fundamental characteristics
make it suitable for a fixed wireless deployment requiring asymmetric downlink and uplink
• Base station equipment is generally off-the-shelf but reconfigured for specific requirements
• A design parameter of 500/150kbps Committed Information Rate (CIR) for all fixed
wireless premises can deliver a satisfactory end-user experience for a product with Peak
Information Rate (PIR) of 25/5Mbps
• By using outdoor wireless network termination units (WNTDs) at the premises with near
line-of-sight to the fixed wireless tower, NBN Co can deliver the required performance
level, and satisfactory cell coverage to address 20 percent of the area within 14km radius
• The WNTDs are fine-tuned to maximise performance (e.g. uplink power level is 1dB above
3GPP standards)

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