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IT Discovery
Firstly the star rating is not high enough for this company that is run by Courtney Sampson.
I have been using Courtney Sampson from I.T. Discovery for a few years now and would definitely not use anyone else.
Amazing service and a pleasure to interact with.
At no stage do you feel that any question is a foolish one as Courtney is so professional and extremely helpful you know you are in good hands.
He is deadly reliable in every way possible.
I have my own business and also use him privately.
I trust him impeccable with ALL my information and I am pretty fussy.
He really know his stuff and I have tried a few different companies over the years.
He is great value for money and I would highly recommend I.T. Discovery and the caliber of man that is in charge of the business.
An amazing person to know.
Even though I have moved interstate and thank goodness I can use him anywhere and still get great service via remote support.
Personally and business wise Courtney Sampson is a pleasure to deal with.
IT Discovery

As practice owner of a busy Dental Surgery in Maryborough (and other Medical/Dental Practices in QLD) I have to ensure that our I.T. Systems are running smoothly and efficiently. I had an incident where our Dental systems went down in Maryborough, no patients could be seen, xray could not be used and patient records were inaccessible. Having previously relied upon a local Maryborough IT service provider to maintain this system, they were my first port of call... After more than 2 hours of troubleshooting and not making any headway, I thought it time to call on Courtney from I.T. Discovery - he was responsible for setting up some of the Doctors Surgeries that are now under my management. I called, within minutes he had established a remote support session and began troubleshooting, he asked "Leave it with me, I'll call you back shortly." 15 minutes later the phone rang, Courtney asked me to run some tests, problem solved!!! He achieved this with no prior knowledge of the system and without even having to visit the site. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks for your great work.
IT Discovery
We needed a way to work securely and efficiently with our Sydney office online from Agnes Water, Qld. We didn't want to move our practice into "the cloud". Courtney at IT Discovery came up with an innovative software solution, and collaborated with our IT managers in Sydney to make it work. He provides ongoing support remotely, which is as effective as having him in our office. I appreciate how professionally he works with our Sydney IT managers too. He speaks with them on my behalf, gives feedback and patiently explains complex things to me when I'm overwhelmed by the tech talk. When our server in Sydney died - an extremely urgent and stressful situation - Courtney worked tirelessly by remote access to secure all our data and configure our systems to make us operational again in the shortest possible time. What he did basically saved my business. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Courtney for his responsiveness and cleverness when we really needed it. We're engaging IT Discovery to set up our new server and look forward to working with Courtney for many more successful years to come. He's brilliant.
IT Discovery
Courtney’s expertise and ability to work with us outside the square proved invaluable to saving our business over the busiest time of the year. We run holiday accommodation and had a major computer crash down 2 days before Easter. Our entire system was wiped out by a virus and we had no one to turn to for advice or assistance. Running a business in regional areas can have its challenges but this one would have closed our business down. Trying to get someone to travel here physically to service the area is even more difficult.
We had dealt with Courtney previously when he spent many time consuming hours helping us relocate & set up a very complicated PABX system (a person of many talents), Courtney had come highly recommend to us by other Business owners in the area.
On the off chance that he would be available over Easter long weekend we gave him a call. Happily, Courtney was available & able to dial in remotely to start the laborious task of talking us through several ways to firstly get back online. He then began to work his way through several days and nights of getting all our information and business programme information restored so that we could trade again.
We don’t know how we would have coped if Courtney had not been able to assist us via remote dial in. This type of technical service is especially invaluable for Business traders such as ourselves who work and live in Regional areas.
IT Discovery
I enlisted the services of I.T. Discovery (Courtney Sampson) to design, supply, setup, install and maintain the necessary software and hardware to ensure that my practice met the AMA Accreditation requirements. The reliability of this system has been commented upon by my office staff that have worked in numerous practices previous to me, their comments reflect the ability of Courtney to select the optimal mix of hardware to ensure my business success. This has had a direct affect on my TCO reducing the number of “callouts” that I was previously used to whilst operating in other practices. Courtney’s professional attitude, exemplary communication skills and general work ethic left me with confidence in my choice of contractors and in securing efficient operation of my business. Computer systems are a vital component of my business and with zero downtime or inconvenience, I could not be more impressed.
IT Discovery
After contacting many IT service providers in the Hervey Bay region I could find no-one willing to take on upgrading our public internet and WiFi. We have 60 apartments and utilise our own DSLAMS– it would not be considered a “straight-forward” setup. That is until Courtney from I.T. Discovery surveyed our site – Courtney tackled our setup head on, with a can-do attitude and a professional approach. He configured our new DSLAMS, installed/configured new modems to suit our needs and setup a new Internet Access Controller – allowing us to effectively manage internet usage, billing and bandwidth for both our guests and residents. His polite and professional attitude was appreciated by staff, guests and residents – which in a diverse environment like ours is a challenge at the best of times. Thankyou Courtney and I.T. Discovery, great work.
IT Discovery
I have engaged IT Discovery firstly to fix computer problems I had with a machine purchased from another company. Sales Company made a total mess of it, Courtney and IT Discovery fixed it easily! Since then I would not go anywhere else....it is so obvious that he knows his stuff.
IT Discovery
Over several years we have acquired computer hardware through IT Discovery after consultation with Courtney as to the best options/equipment that is most suitable for our needs. When in the past I was on site and then head office manager for Rio Tinto I gained considerable experience of IT hardware and software packages. Thus I was surprised to find an expert in these fields available. Not only have we had installation of excellent equipment and backup when needed, it has also been a pleasure dealing with Courtney. IT Discovery covers a range of skills in Agnes Water including installing the systems for the medical practice and linking it with the clinic’s other sites. Courtney's interest and ability in all matters of technology include research and installation of High Tech sound, home theatre equipment, advice and purchasing of our presentation equipment.
IT Discovery
I have engaged Courtney from I.T. Discovery on several occasions for a variety of IT tasks at our QPWS Parks Office in the Town of 1770. The staff at the local office and myself have always been happy with the service that Courtney has provided, in particular his resourcefulness, given the limited resources at his disposal in a non-CBD location.
IT Discovery
A malfunctioning computer is simply a disaster in a printing business. I have regularly sought the services of Courtney from IT Discovery, most times in a bit of a panic! He arrives on the scene quickly and there has never been a problem that Courtney hasnt been able to fix, he gets me up and running again in the quickest possible time. His friendly and professional attitude, coupled with his broad knowledge makes him stand out from any other computer technicians I have used in the past. Daniele - Revived Designz

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